The Global Climate has been changed dramitically over years due to fast development of many industries. After years doing research, Mr. Yamamoto Yusuke Create a product called "YAMAMOTO" in 2000, which helped to reduced the carbon dioxied(CO2) released into the environment from Transportation activities. YAMAMOTO is made from 100% Plam Oil, it is a green Product and not Harmful to human body and to the environment. Through Years of developing, in 2010, Mr. Yamamoto Yusuke combine Yamamoto with the latest technology called Artificial Intiligence(A.I), to become the revolution product which can use for all kinds of transportation like motor bikes,cars,trucks,vessel and generator as well.

    • you often use the car as the amin means of transportation to work, go out, go on trip
    • To make your bike ride quieter, last longer, load better and save money
    • Yamamoto tablets with AI Technology from japan optimally protect the Engine 4 times double speed,say good bye to worries about burning of the gas,rattling the engine, pulling the throttle hard.
    • Vehicle Manfactures Recomended That you take your car in for maintainence on avarage every 2-3 months(5000kms)
    • The cost per maintainence is very expensive and time consuming
    • We bring you a solution to make your car go quiter, load better overtake other cars more easily,save money protect the engine 4 times
    • Yamamoto tablets are manfactured on Jpan's AI Technology line and are made of 100% plam oil
    • The product is rated as absolutely safe for the engine
    • You often carry very heavy goods,causing the engine to quickly get off the engine and move heavyly.more dificult when going uphill
    • Let your car accelarate more strongly,run smoother with less damage and smoother
    • we bring Japaneese Yamamoto tablets with a special formula Protecting the engine 4 times,reducing engine wear by more than 50%, reducing the load on the engine when operating making the engine quiter
    • The fuel is burned almost completely giving better work to the more powerful vehicle to overcome the passes faster and easier
    • conquering the big waves and carrying lot of shrimp, fish and heavy good to the right place requires ships,boats,barges... to heavy a very powerfull engine.
    • yamamoto tablets, in addition to serving road vehicles, are also widely used for merine internal combustion engines.
    • Turn the ship into a cheap warship faster, faster to shore, more fuel effcient.

How to use YAMAMAOTO?

Put YAMAMOTO direct in to the fuel tank according to the ratio:

Motor Bike

1pc for full tank


1st time: 10pcs/full tank
2nd time onwords: 5pcs/full tank

Trucks & Generator

1pc= 15 Liters

How Does YAMAMOTO Works and Its Benefit

The Technology of YAMAMOTO makes the molecules of petrol or diesel become smaller, which make it easier to burn (up to 95%) than normal.since the fuel is burnt more effcient the engine get more power and less petrol or diesel is consumed

In addition, YAMAMOTO helps reduce the white smoke exhausted from the engine which caused by petrol diesel was not burnt efficiency

Furothermore, YAMAMOTO creates more power and also reduce the over work for the engine. Thus it makes the engine become more quiet and prolong the engine lifespan

For example: we usually send our motorbikes for maintainence every 2-3 months, after using YAMAMOTO we can extend the period up to 5-6 months for each maintenance

in Conclusion, YAMAMOTO is green and friendly product. it causes no harmful to human body and natural environment. Yamamoto helps prolong engine life span, maintenance fees and save fuel consumption(it is depending on our driving attitude)

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